Calculate a Two-Dimensional Primitive Root Diffuser

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If you like to learn about room acoustics, this book was among my former audio collegues from the Fraunhofer IIS institute considered to be "the bible":

What frequencies do I set?

Depends on the room. And what sound you want to achieve. For example, a furnished living room with carpets etc will not need much high-end diffusion because there are already many small objects that diffuse the higher frequencies. An empty glass container would need a lot more.

Note that the human ear is most sensitive to sounds in the frequency range around 3-5 kHz. So choose a width/length of the blocks small enough to comfortably cover this range.

Low-end diffusion can be tricky simply because of the tall blocks required. Go as low as possible/reasonable considering room dimensions. Note that the architecture of the room can account for low-end diffusion already.

What is P and what..primitive root?

P-1 determines the number of blocks, and a primitive root of P is just a requirement by the patent algorithm. Choose any primitive root of P that you want.