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a collection of various sites i'm somehow affiliated with, or find useful.

the company behind the popular sequencer sonar. there's a very good forum with lots of quality discussion around cakewalk's products, audio production techniques, and more.

fraunhofer IIS
my second home in germany.
"here it is ALWAYS the computer's fault."

excellent EQing software.

unharmed, finland based producer jani rantanen. produces soft, forward-drifting tech-influenced dance music of progressive nature.

joof recordings
UK record label founded by john 00 fleming.

for those who don't like reason, fruityloops and other traditional über-abstract tools for music composition. do it in java! (geek alert)

kvr audio
news and information resource for open standard audio plugins. new releases, product announcements and updates, as well as reviews for VST and DX plugins.

jeremy @mothership mastering
mastering studio with lots of excellent analog gear

my myspace space my

peter papiewski
il maestro

for some reason i still owe them one toothbrush ..?

spinnin' records
dutch record label. most of my original productions have their home there.

"every time you criticize wikipedia, god kills a kitten. please, think of the kittens." (peter hare)